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    Dr. Foojan Zeine

    Originator of AIT

    Dr. Foojan Zeine is the originator of the Awareness Integration Theory. She is an International Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and a successful Life and Executive Coach. She has her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

    Through more than 30 years of hands-on experience being a psychotherapist and a coach, she began developing what she had learned from all the psychological theories, cognitive sciences, and business models into a systematic, open-structured, client centered model which encompasses all areas of one’s life.

    Dr. Zeine’s clinical experience stems from many years working with the acute and chronically ill patients as she worked in inpatient hospitals as well as headed two Partial Hospital programs for the Hollywood Community of Van Nuys and Pacifica Hospital. She developed two Transitional Housing Programs for Battered women Alternatives in Northern California and Haven Hills in Southern California. These programs offered case management, individual and family counseling for women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence, and had to deal with issues of domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, child abuse, parenting, self-esteem, career development, chemical dependency, and eating disorder. She created programs for the youth in Beinvenidos Foster Care agency and Optimist Youth.


    She founded Personal Growth Institute, a multi-cultural, multi-lingual counseling center with more than 5 offices around southern California offering therapy in 8 different languages. She also founded My New Life outpatient chemical dependency program supporting the recovery of patients suffering from addiction which became one of the top 10 programs in Los Angeles, California.


    Side by Side, Dr. Zeine worked many years with executives in the world of business and coaching to fulfill their potentials and dreams.


    Her vast experience of working with the wide range of clients from the super high functioning elite to the chronic mentally ill allowed her to gain mastery of being empathetic toward human ailments and fostering growth toward achieving all potentials while completing, healing, and letting go of traumas.


    This journey began with Dr. Zeine working with many people who had experienced trauma in their childhood. While working with psychodynamic theories, cognitive behavioral theory, hypnosis, and other interventions, she realized that at best, one can visit the trauma, release some emotions around it, but did not dismantle the beliefs that had been created for them at the time of the trauma. She began working with clients toward dismantling the beliefs that they had created, assigned to themselves and the surrounding world. The awareness of these process and everyday thoughts, feelings and actions allow one to own, become responsible and accountable for their inner process and the impact of their actions.


    The practice began with Dr. Zeine practicing the structured Awareness Integration interventions with her own clients and seeing the change among them. All the therapists at the Personal Growth Institute began practicing this model with their clients and seeing the amazing results that this model helped clients to free themselves from their suffering. That led to doing research at Personal Growth Institute, and other institutions.


    Her dream and vision are for the Awareness Integration Theory to reach 7 billion people around the globe and support to eliminate emotional suffering.