From Therapists

Over and over, we as practitioners throughout our training have been made aware of the importance of respecting clients need for trust and comfort in their therapy. Your model’s structure creates predictability for the patient to know where he/she will go. In the initial phase of therapy this predictability creates comfort and a built in cushion that accommodates the space and time for the patient to gradually move in to deeper places. From the perspective of the therapists, especially novice therapists, it give them a range of topics with less intensity, but effective, moving gradually and slowly while they are getting to know their patients. Your model can also laser in fast and as deep as needed to clean up past unwanted and unnecessary obstacles. This is a model that uses all well-known and respected theories and practices. I’m excited about it.
Sholeh Warner, Ph.D. – Psychologist

This model is amazing. It’s the only model that allows a client to work on deep issues fast and gets great results. I as a therapist enjoyed working this model and was fortunate enough to experience the deep work by done Dr. Foojan Zeine, which ended in great result in my life.
Sufi Yousefi, LMFT – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

The workshop was informative, what I enjoyed the personal and intimate level of the workshop. The model is interesting in terms of structure, simple to follow and yet intense and focused.
Rima Hodaly, LMFT – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Having experienced AI (Awareness Integration) Model, I have found myself more grounded and centered in my life purpose. “AI” has also improved my relationship towards others and has brought me more harmony and better communication.
Jilla Almozafar, MFTI – Marriage & Family Therapy Intern

From Clients

The Awareness Integration Model has helped me to understand and accept all aspects of my psyche including the dark and shadow sides. It acted as an emotional cleansing for me. I learned how to experience my emotion and how to deal and manage them. Through this model I came back to my core self with love. I recommend this model for every one who wants to learn how to and come to terms with who they are within.

Dear Foojan,

I am very happy & thankful to take advantage of your “Model”.
Some of my thoughts changed into clear words and plans. And some dark (or sad) memories changed to be a normal part of my life. Overall, I feel more confident; have more love and respect for myself and believe in my talents ( blessings) much more than before.

Hi Foojan,

I try to find words to explain my feeling and the result I got after therapy. It was one of the best experiences in my life. I tried every possible thing from forum classes to other therapists. This made me see everything and every aspect of myself even though I knew a lot of them myself but never this clear specially when I had to go to my childhood and see everything and compare them to the behavior that I picked to be, I totally get it. Recently I had an amazing experience. I was in this party and made a good comment about the ring that my cousin had on but she got a little uncomfortable for whatever reason in her head, If it was before I would be so embarrassed and thought its my fault and I never had to make any comment and the rest of the party would be like hell to me instead (it took me a while) but I went and talk to her and said what I said was a good thing and “Are you embarrassed of yourself or what” and she answered that I was right and she didn’t have to get irritated and not only I did not blame me but talked it out and felt better and the rest of the party I had fun. If it wasn’t for therapy I had hell for the rest of the night and blamed myself for being not appropriate. Anyways it was like a light in my whole darkness that I’ve had for 45 years and in 3 or 4 months during the therapy I feel I am a new human being. I don’t know how to explain this but just little thing like that (the party thing) maybe for other people is nothing but to me worth a lot. Thank you for being so smart and supportive during the sessions. Every single session for me was the new beautiful experience and I will apply them in every aspect of my life.
Love, F.


Dr. Zeine,
Here is my feedback to the model you used to help me.

I enjoyed working the model with you for several reasons:
1- It was easy to follow. It was very clear for me from the beginning when you explained how it works to follow it.
2- I got in touch with feelings I never knew existed.
3- I could release majority of my anger and frustration in a safe trusting environment.
4- I could see how my feelings effect my physical health.
5- I was comfortable sharing my feelings and thoughts because it was not needed to go into details of the past incidents that is very painful.
6- The model focused on my present life and behavior and on how to make it happy and joyful not the past. I was not pitied rather empowered to live a full life.
7- It helped me realize how I judge the way others think or feel about me which is not the reality.
8- It helped me know myself and what I really want. It helped me see myself as a person who has equal rights as everyone else.

I have been feeling happy and full of life since we finished working the model. This has been the only successful and easy therapy I have ever had and I had a couple of therapist before who tried different methods. I always looked forward to my sessions with you because I could feel the difference immediately. Every time I left your office I was closer to myself..